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Sunroom Furniture Buying Guide: What To Look For When You Shop

Sunroom Furniture Buying Guide: What To Look For When You Shop

Once winter hits, most of us begin spending more time inside. But with a sunroom and the right sunroom furniture, staying close to the outside while staying warm and comfortable indoors is easy.

Types Of Sunrooms

Sunrooms use ample window space to offer as much sunlight as possible. They’re a perfect way to have privacy indoors while not feeling enclosed.

The type of sunroom that works best for you will mostly depend on how long you want it to be usable during the year. Here are some common options.


Three-season sunrooms are one of the most common types for their low-maintenance design and how efficiently they can be installed by a professional. With this design, the beauty of spring, summer, and fall becomes accessible right from inside your home!

On the downside, three-season sunrooms are limited to how long they can be enjoyed each year. The typical aluminum framing of these structures prohibits heat from being retained once the temperature begins to drop.


For anyone looking to spend time in their sunroom year-round, four-season sunrooms are ideal. They provide a bit of nature no matter how cold it gets outside.

These sunrooms cost more than their three-season counterparts since they’re designed to be temperature-controlled. So, when choosing between these two options, it’s best to decide exactly what you’re looking for and which options work within your budget.


sunroom furniture

Solariums are similar to four-season sunrooms. In fact, the two are often confused for one another because solariums can also be enjoyed throughout the year. Solariums, however, are designed to be all windows, from the walls to the ceiling.

In this structure, sunlight passes into the room completely unobstructed. Thunderstorms can be viewed directly from the comfort of your sofa. Snowfall can be observed as it melts off the roof. The outdoors feel like they’re a part of your indoor environment.

Choosing Sunroom Furniture

All types of sunrooms come with their own costs and benefits. The best way to make whichever design you choose feel like an extension of the rest of your home is by selecting the right sunroom furniture.

Here’s what to look for when deciding on the best options for your space.


A common misconception is that indoor furniture is good enough for sunrooms. But there is one main reason why going this route will cause problems.

Placing furniture in a sunroom means exposing it to constant sunlight during the day. This long exposure can damage furniture that is meant for the shaded indoors rather than designed to withstand the elements.

From the cushion fabric to the wooden frames, indoor furniture used in sunrooms will quickly fade, something that typically isn’t covered by the company’s warranty.

Checking that your furniture is weather-ready and intended for any space will avoid issues and set your sunroom up for success.


wicker sunroom furniture
Outer Wicker Outdoor Sofa - 3 Seat

Spending time close to nature shouldn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. Make sure that your sunroom furniture comes with quality cushions to ensure that the sunroom is one of the best seats in the house.

Our furniture at Outer is made with multi-layer memory foam for the world’s most luxurious comfort. What better way to enjoy your natural surroundings than to feel like you’re sitting on a cloud?


The size of your sunroom will play a big factor in how much furniture you can use in the space. Before you bring home that ideal sofa, measure your room and determine if it’s suited for a few chairs and a coffee table or if it’s large enough for some sofas or sectionals.

To give you the best experience, our furniture’s modular design ensures simple and convenient rearranging so your sunroom furniture can be reconfigured in an endless amount of ways.

Neutral Colors

A lot of sun means a lot of fading potential when it comes to your sunroom furniture’s fabric. Vibrant colors like oranges and reds will quickly fade in the harsh sunlight, leaving your sunroom in need of a refresh more often.

Soft, neutral colors will keep fading from becoming an issue. Our options include Pacific Fog Gray and Palisades Cream for contemporary and stylish looks that stay resilient in the sun.

Not sure which to choose? Order a free set of swatches to experience the Outer difference for yourself.

Quality Materials

up-close of wicker couch and cushion
Outer Wicker Outdoor Sofa

Along with the color of your furniture, the quality of the fabric is going to determine your sunroom furniture’s longevity.

As we mentioned, indoor furniture is not designed to be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, and its low UV lightfast rating is an indicator of this. The rating is a common measure of color fading for upholstery fabric, where the indoor standard is about 40 hours of lightfastness.

Our fabric is woven from solution-dyed yarn that makes it highly resistant to UV light, giving our furniture a UV lightfast rating of 2,000 hours. Using this process means the fabric won’t fade and guarantees a long life in the sun.

Personal Style

Finally, your style preferences will take your sunroom to the next level through your own unique choices. From the colors to the materials, the look you choose should be timeless while also leaning into your own interests.

Read on for some ideas on how to turn your sunroom into your dream space!

Sunroom Furniture Ideas

Customizing your sunroom with decor and the right furniture is the perfect way to make use of all that natural sunlight. Here are some fun ideas.

Grow Lots Of Greenery

plants in a sunroom

With so much sun, what better way to put it to practical use than by filling your space with plants? Sunrooms are great for housing a wide variety of indoor foliage, or you can store some outdoor plants inside for the winter to keep your greenery sheltered.

Whether you’re hanging plants from the ceiling and windowsill or starting a little indoor garden, turning your sunroom into a greenroom will give you a beautiful, oxygen-rich environment to spend part of your day in.

Plus, lush plants pair exceptionally well with any kind of furniture, like a few aluminum chairs that are sure to carry conversations well into the night.

Bring It Beachside

Need a quick and easy getaway to the beach? Look no further than a beach-themed sunroom.

Beyond starfish decor and seaside trinkets, the ways to give your sunroom the right maritime vibe are endless. Missing the scents of the shore? Try lighting a bright driftwood candle made with sea salt to transport you right to the coast.

Wicker furniture is a terrific way to match the casual yet elegant feeling of being on the beach. String some lights on the ceiling and kick your feet back on an ottoman for a relaxing beach day in the sunroom.

It’s like you can almost feel the ocean breeze!

Add Comfort With Hygge

Teak sunroom furniture
Outer Teak Outdoor Coffee Table - Square Leg

For a soul-warming sunroom experience, choose a design tailored to your definition of coziness. The concept of hygge focuses on bringing an ideal amount of comfort to your space by filling it with the things you love.

To really embrace the hygge style and make your sunroom an unforgettably comfortable experience, our 3-seat Outdoor Sofa in teak makes relaxing with your friends or lounging on your own a cozy and enjoyable time.

And make sure you have plenty of throw pillows and blankets to keep everyone comfy, no matter the season or time of day.

Include Some Accessories

As you’re setting up your sunroom, some parts of the room might seem a bit empty. Solving this is as simple as accessorizing and adding some finishing touches.

Our 1188 Outdoor Rugs are an eco-friendly way to create movement throughout your sunroom. Making your room complete while also caring for the environment is easy since our rugs are made with recycled plastic soda and water bottles.

Set some picture frames and candles on your coffee table, and get lost in the natural magic of your sunroom.

Find Your Sunroom Furniture At Outer

Woman laying on a wicker couch petting her dog
Outer Wicker Outdoor Loveseat

Whether your sunroom furniture is placed in a three or four-season space, keep it protected in all conditions with Outer.

All of our furniture frames are designed to withstand the elements, including sunlight. Even the fabric of our neutral cushions is made to withstand fading from the sun, making Outer the right choice for any sunroom.

Quality is also important. That’s why our warranty covers defects that cause our materials to become unserviceable due to normal usage and exposure conditions.

Ready to design your new favorite space? Try out your ideal Outer design today, completely risk-free. If you aren’t happy, then we’ll take it back so you can create the sunroom of your dreams without sacrificing any of the must-haves.

No matter your space, there’s an Outer design that perfectly meets your needs.